VeloMetro’s mission is to provide people with human-powered vehicles that parallel automobile functionality for urban use. They build modern, lightweight and thoughtfully-designed electric-assist VeloCars that take the best features from both bicycles and automobiles.

VeloMetro is the creator of the Veemo, a power-assisted bicycle that makes urban transportation more efficient and eco-friendly. The Veemo acts as a hybrid between an automobile and a bicycle, providing an enclosed vehicle that does not require a driver's license to operate. VeloMetro aims to provide access to low-cost shared fleets of Veemo cycles in urban environments with the goal of replacing cars as effective transportation.

VeloMetro is a current client of the VentureLabs® incubator and a graduate of the Venture Connection® incubator.

Startup Stage: 
Early Stage

John Stonier - Founder & CEO
Kody Baker - Founder & CTO
Jonathan Faille - Founder & Lead Mechanical Engineer
Sean Boyd - Founder & Lead Electrical Engineer