SFU’s 4D LABS is Bridging the Gap to Create Innovations that Benefit Society

From prototyping to production, Simon Fraser University’s 4D LABS has it all. The $65 million state-of-the-art materials science and engineering research facility will be at this year’s #BCTECH Summit, happening May 14-16, 2018. Located at the SFU Innovates booth—in the Marketplace at the Vancouver Convention Centre—4D LABS will be exhibiting a broad range of innovations from remote-controlled fuel cell cars to Nanotech Security Corporation holograms.

4D LABS is a one-of-a-kind core facility located at SFU’s Burnaby campus, where researchers, engineers and industry clients can develop prototypes and leverage characterization and testing equipment to understand, develop and resolve potential product issues in a variety of fields. In addition, the facility provides students, researchers, businesses and government organizations with expert technical consultation, training and open-access to equipment, all in one location.

Scientific Director of 4D LABS, Neil Branda says, “Local companies have enough to think about without worrying about their materials science and engineering needs. That’s where we come in. Our highly skilled staff and $65 million open-access core facility provides the tools that help companies to Design, Develop, Demonstrate and Deliver new technologies and prototypes in a fast and cost-effective manner.”

By providing comprehensive expertise and equipment all under one roof, as well as a flexible business model that is particularly amenable to startup companies, 4D LABS has fostered an environment that has successfully transformed research into world-class companies—strengthening industry and community research partnerships—and is bridging the gap to create innovation that benefit society.

To learn more about 4D LABS and experience just some of the innovations that are developed at the facility, visit the SFU Innovates booth at the #BCTECH Summit, or email info@4dlabs.ca.