SFU School of Communication researchers are empowering the public with knowledge.

From big data to mechatronics and health sciences, criminology and political science to interactive technology, the amount of innovative research happening at Simon Fraser University is staggering. Instead of keeping research locked behind doors for only a privileged few, the university is continually creating new ways to share this information with you, the public. After all, SFU’s 2016-2020 Strategic Research Plan has a unified vision to benefit and transform society at large.

To do this, SFU is facilitating wider public engagement with research through Knowledge Mobilization, deepening connections between researchers and knowledge users.

In 2018, SFU became a partner with The Conversation Canada, a free online resource upon which SFU researchers are now able and encouraged to publish their academic knowledge for a wider public audience. Read SFU authored articles — currently over 60 and counting!

In 2019, SFU’s School of Communication launched Making Knowledge Public. In this series, Communication faculty members—who are leaders in their fields—are invited to dig deep into today’s critical topics. Misconceptions are dissected. Proven research is introduced. Details are presented in an approachable and understandable way to transform a previous lack of knowledge into shared understanding.

By making SFU’s innovative research knowledge public, we are all empowered.

Learn about fake news, artificial intelligence, deepfakes and blockchain in the videos below.


What is fake news?

Ahmed Al-Rawi speaks about his insights on fake news, how we can detect fake news and how it's become such a huge phenomenon.

Expert: SFU professor Ahmed Al-Rawi, School of Communication


What is AI and what are deepfakes?

Increasingly, we are turning to machines to make decisions for us, but they can't think the way we do. Sun Ha Hong shares his expert insights on this topic.

Expert: SFU professor Sun Ha Hong, School of Communication


Women in blockchain

Julie Frizzo-Barker and Pippa Adams discuss the potential of blockchain, its social implications, and the existing gender gap in tech.

Experts: SFU PhD candidate and GeNA Lab researcher, Julie Frizzo-Barker, and SFU PhD student and GeNA Lab researcher, Pippa Adams


Keep an eye on SFU’s School of Communication’s Making Knowledge Public web page for more upcoming videos.

Simon Fraser University is committed to becoming a world leader in knowledge mobilization. If you are SFU faculty or a graduate student and would like to share your research with a wider audience, discover the various ways to do so at www.sfu.ca/vpresearch/knowledge-mobilization.