SFU's Supercomputer Cedar to be part of Compute Canada's 2019 Resource Allocation Competition

Each fall, Compute Canada invites researchers to apply to the annual Resource Allocation Competition (RAC) to request storage and compute resources beyond what can be obtained via the Rapid Access Service. The 2019 RAC opens on Thursday, September 27, 2018. Competitions close Thursday, November 8, 2018.

Simon Fraser University's supercomputer, known as Cedar, is hosted at the SFU Data Centre on the Burnaby campus and was part of the 2018 RAC competition — Cedar will also be included in the 2019 competition. This advanced research computing (ARC) system is the most powerful academic supercomputer in Canada, and serves many of Canada’s world-class researchers working in diverse fields. Cedar places SFU in the world’s top 100 supercomputer installations. As one of five new Canadian supercomputing and data centre sites, Cedar gives Canadian researchers access to the latest ARC resources and expertise. Compute Canada, in partnership with its regional partners and member institutions, is leading this broad transformation of Canada’s national computing platform. WestGrid is SFU's regional partner, and the support staff at WestGrid are available to help researchers with any questions they may have with their RAC 2019 applications.

[The SFU Data Centre that hosts supercomputer, Cedar.]

For RAC 2019, researchers can apply to the following resource allocation competitions:

Resources for Research Groups (RRG) Competition

This competition is aimed at applications from individuals or small groups of researchers in need of compute, storage or cloud resources at a scale beyond that available from local institutional or provincial resources. It is intended for faculty members from all disciplines and their sponsored users. Allocations are awarded typically for one year.

A Fast Track application process is available (by invitation only) for users with existing RRG allocations who meet specific criteria.

Research Platforms and Portals (RPP) Competition

This competition enables communities to develop research projects that improve access to shared datasets, enhance existing online research tools and facilities, or advance national or international research collaborations. RPP 2019 is focussed solely on scientific gateways. RPP allocations can be awarded for a maximum of three years.

If you are a researcher that has questions or needs help with the RAC 2019 application process, French and English Q&A Sessions hosted by Compute Canada are available. Registration is required.

You may also find it helpful to consult the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, and view the results of past Resource Allocation Competitions.

Questions about Compute Canada’s Resource Allocation Competitions are welcome at any time by emailing rac@computecanada.ca.