Two SFU startups shortlisted for 2016 New Ventures BC prize

SFU startups Ionomr and Ophthalight Digital Solutions have made the shortlist for the BCIC-New Ventures competition, a contest for B.C. startups. These two, along with eight other finalists, face one more jury panel before a winner is announced on September 26.

Ionomr: Making clean tech cleaner

Ionomr is helping to advance the clean tech industry by manufacturing its product, Aemion, the most durable, high performance, anion-exchange membrane in the world. Anion-exchange membranes drive the performance of many clean technology innovations in the energy storage and water treatment sectors.

The product is highly versatile and durable, outperforming existing materials.

SFU PhD student Benjamin Britton is Ionomr's president and CEO; SFU chemistry professor Steven Holdcroft is the company’s technical director. In June the company also delivered a winning pitch at the Hong Kong-Canada Investment Pitch Competition.

Ophthalight: eye care for everyone

Ophthalight has created O-Glass, which provides an accurate, portable and automated device for physicians who need to diagnose and monitor patients for optic neuropathy, glaucoma and diabetes.

The company’s goal is to help people keep their vision by making basic eye care more accessible through advanced mobile health tools that allow an increase in the frequency, seep and profitability of eye exams.

The SFU startup is run by team members Yaser Roshan, Ehsan Daneshi, Younes Rashidi and Farzad Hamidi.

Ionomr and Ophthalight are clients of SFU's Venture Connection program. The university-wide initiative supports, mentors and supplies services to SFU innovators.

Both startups were also big winners of the 2016 Coast Capital Savings Venture Prize competition, with Ionomr taking first prize and Ophthalight claiming second place.