What's the buzz? New app incubated at SFU aims to spark conversations

Have you ever wanted to warn people about bad restaurant food, ask for help in a class, or pitch an idea at work—but didn’t have the nerve? Well now there’s an app for that, thanks to an SFU Beedie School alumnus.

BuzzIt aims to spark live-chat-style conversations among those in common surroundings—such as in a classroom or at an event—by letting users share openly without compromising their privacy. The app uses GPS signals to let users post messages to their location, and nearby users can click on that post to join a live chat on that topic.

Jon Harris, a Beedie School graduate, created BuzzIt with lifelong friend Jeremy Jackson. As clients of SFU’s Coast Capital Savings Venture Connection, the pair sought to create a way to facilitate informal idea exchange without the need to share contact information.

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